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Academic Contractor and Pianist

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A Revisionist View of Beethoven's "Moonlight" Sonata

Research paper presented at the 12th Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference in Melbourned in July, 2015 (view Abstract and Table or Full Paper)

Audio Clips illustrating
Five Examples of Editorial Distortion in the Adagio sostenuto


Traditional rendering
Schnabel (1935)

Autograph/Urtext rendering
Chapman (2012, unpublished)
1 Tempo alla breve
Measures 1-5
2 Cantabile vs non-cantabile I
1st subject in exposition
3 Cantabile vs non-cantabile II
2nd subject in exposition and recapitulation
4 Climax of 'hairpins' in the development
Measures 28-31
5 Redistribution of 'hairpins' in the coda
Measures 62-65

1Further Audio Clips illustrating
musical relationships between movements

Chapman (2012, unpublished)

Repeated 'G sharp' motif

4-note Theme of 2nd subject in 1st movement

Dance vs 'turmoil'

Linking the 1st and 2nd movements with l'istesso tempo